Healthy Meat Buyer's Club

Healthy Meat Buyer's Club
Our Healthy Meat Buyer's Club is a great way for individuals, families, and friends to connect with Family Friendly Farms and receive healthy, quality, locally-raised sustainable meat.  Every week we deliver our Heathy Meat Buyer's Club boxes to established neighborhood pick-up locations throughout Northern California. 

Healthy Meat Buyer's Club Benefits

  • Healthy Meat Buyer's Club Newsletter with news from Our Lady's Ranch, Cooking Tips & Recipes, and much more. 
  • Open-Invitation to tours of Our Lady's Ranch in Grass Valley, California
  • Special members-only pricing on select cuts of meat

Neighborhood Pick-Up Locations

How Does It Work?

Shop online and choose the meat you'd like to purchase for the week or month. From your "Shopping Cart", choose LOCAL PICK-UP.  You'll be given a choice of pick-up locations.  We'll contact you to coordinate delivery day and pick-up times. 

Please purchase your membership separately (and prior to ordering any meat). As a member, you will receive a unique Discount Code to use for all future orders.