Meat Shares

Buying a whole animal meat share is one of the best ways to support sustainable, healthy, local meat, and not a bad way to load up your freezer with Family Friendly Farms Grass-Fed and Pasture Raised meats.  

A Family Friendly Farms' meat share is either a whole, half, or quarter animal, butchered and individually packed in vacuum sealed package.  These packages include steaks, chops, ribs, roasts, and ground products. Our pork shares will also include bacon, smoked ham, and sausages. Our team will work with you to customize your animal share and desired cuts.  We also offer unique, seasonal combination packages.  

Ordering a whole or half animal meat share takes 1-2 weeks. We'll coordinate pickup at our Grass Valley farm or we'll deliver your share to your home / neighborhood pick-up location (subject to delivery fees).  We bill all meat shares on the packaged, delivered weight. If you are interested in purchasing a meat share, please review our pricing below and email us with our contact form below.