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Healthy Environment + Healthy Animals = Healthy Happy People!

Healthy Environment + Healthy Animals = Healthy Happy People!

Hi Everyone - 

Just thought we'd share with you the way we provide healthy meat for you...

It all begins with cleanliness - Clean air from the pacific breeze, clean water from the Sierra Nevada Mountains, clean pastures with chemical-free forage, and clean animals free of any added hormones, antibiotics, corn, soy, or GMO’s.


After cleanliness, the next most important ingredient to raising healthy animals is fresh, nutrient dense natural forage. We utilize a system of livestock rotation to control the animal’s grazing patterns in order to increase the nutrient rich grasses while decreasing the undesirable ones. Moving the various animals across segregated pastures called paddocks (separated by fencing) creates many positive benefits for the forage quality, animal health, and environment.  

The cows are allowed to graze first, moving across the paddock, naturally eating the top two-thirds of the grass plants while trampling a portion of it, which is necessary to add to the top-soil of the pastures (mimicking the natural paths of the buffalo that came before them). After a full day of heartily munching grass and chewing their cuds (Digesting the forage in the rumen of their four-part ruminant stomach, which is designed to process grass, not grain) the cows are moved to a  fresh paddock to continue their diet of clean, fresh forage. 


Then Chickens and Turkeys are moved onto the grass that has been clipped to poultry friendly height that they can enjoy along with the grasshoppers and insects that have been exposed by the cows before them. They provide an organic benefit to the pastures, which is the spreading of their own waste product, which just so happens to be the best nitrogen rich fertilizer available on the planet. The collectible bi-product of this co-habitation are the most natural, pure, and healthy chicken eggs available anywhere. The creamy whites and dark-orange yokes look richer, taste better, and contain one half the cholesterol of industrial grown eggs, while sustaining a healthy environment for all of us.


The pigs come next grunting and snorting and getting into everything, especially the acorns… yum!  The pigs rotate pastures more on an annual basis than a daily or weekly one like the cows and chickens, but they nonetheless provide an equally important function to this natural ecosystem including aerating the pastures and removing the larger bugs.


Then come the sheep… our weed-whacking department.  Sheep like grasses that are more fibrous (the ones that are undesirable for the cows), so that makes for a nice complimentary diet. They roam around the pastures converting all the weeds into tasty-tender meat.


These rotational grazing practices allow the natural foraging habits of these animals as originally intended by our Creator. They provide the animals with a low-stress environment that allows them to grow at the normal pace they have been accustomed to over the centuries. The results are not only a much more healthy product, but a much more tasty meat that is packed with nutrients, as God originally intended for us.

Here's to Healthy, Happy Living from all of us to all of you! 

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