Cooking Suggestions

family friendly farms cooking suggestions

Grass-Fed Beef cooks much differently than industrial beef, so please follow these cooking suggestions to fully enjoy the superior flavor of our all-natural, grass-fed beef without compromising its tenderness…

the zeiter family cooking family friendly farms grass-fed, grass-finished meats.Ground Beef:
  • When frying Ground Beef: Add olive oil and preferred spices… let simmer on low.
  • When making Hamburger Patties: Add olive oil, salt & pepper and crushed garlic.

Thick Lean Steaks:
When barbecuing: DO NOT SEAR FIRST. After defrosting, bring meat to room temperature before grilling. Barbecue at the lowest temperature possible… make it a slow cook, then allow it to brown just before taking off the heat. For leaner cuts like New York Steak and London Broil: start your grilling on indirect heat (next to the flame) then after 5 or 10 minutes per side move onto low heat to cook & finish. Use tongs instead of a fork to keep all the moisture in and don’t add salt until ready to eat. For best results, leave medium rare and eat immediately after cooking.

Sirloin Tip & Flat-Iron Steaks:
Best pan-fried in saute. First prepare the meat by thawing out (leave in package) then pound meat heavily on both sides. Remove meat from package and place on cutting board to trim into palm-size medallions. Next coat your skillet with olive oil, then add butter and crushed garlic... allow to simmer (lowest setting). Place medallions in skillet for just a few minutes per side, then remove from heat and slide medallions onto plate of rice and veggies while drizzling sauce over all.

When barbecuing Kabobs: Cut to bite size pieces and marinade the beef for 24 hours in a teriyaki sauce. Skewer with your favorite garden fresh vegetables (try purple onions, tomatoes, and bell peppers) and get ready to feast. Don’t forget to bring the beef to room temperature, then low-temp slow grilling.

When cooking Roasts: As with all free-range beef… SLOW COOKING IS THE KEY!!! Create a marinade or rub for this fine meat. Crock Pots give the most tender results, and ovens do well when kept low at 250 degrees. Nice to place in corning type dish with veggies, wine, garlic, and your favorite spices… then cover with foil and bake low and slow.

When cooking stews: Mix flour with preferred spices, coat meat pieces with flour/spice mixture, heat oil, lightly brown, then add to broth and veggies… or slow cook meat pieces in broth for 1 hour, then add veggies.

Kal Bi Short Ribs (Korean/Hawaiian Style)
Marinade in Kal Bi Sauce over night, then room temperature and slow grilling.

Beef Brisket:
Slow, low heat barbeque or smoker. For best barbeque results, coat generously with olive oil, place meat away from burner area and close lid to create low-temp cooking for a 3-4 hour roast. Remove at medium rare, smother in barbeque sauce, and allow it to cool.


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