Introducing Karen Marmol

Introducing Karen Marmol

From high school homecoming queen who graduated college (at the age of twenty) with a degree in industrial engineering, and the mother of two beautiful daughters, to becoming a business executive and then an international distributor of fine wines, this woman has done it all. Well, not everything yet because now she is in charge of business development for Family Friendly Farms :)

Karen Marmol

Hi Everyone! Phil here with the latest farm news...

We are now making plans for a new butcher shop to be located right here at Our Lady’s Ranch, and we intend to expand our product line to include a full array of smoked products and sausages. So as we begin cutting new meats, Karen will be cutting new territory for our home delivery and shipping services.

It was no accident that Karen found us and recently began her work here. After my wife passed away a few years ago, divine providence led me to Honduras to meet this dynamic person who is now filling me up with all her love, while also filling up our business with her passion for good health and tasty food.

Phil Zeiter and Karen Marmol at Our Lady's Ranch
The waterfall at Our Lady's Ranch
You can all look forward to many more years of expanding Family Friendly Farms healthy meat products. And now you can find many simple recipes to cook them with Karen’s new presence on our FFF Facebook and Instagram portals.
Here's to Healthy, Happy Living from all of us to all of you!

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