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The Zeiter Family: Then & Now

The Zeiter Family: Then & Now

This was the Zeiter Family in 2008 ~

Starting in the back and going from left to right we have Alisandra (“Ali,” age 7) and Christia (“Tia,” age 8); in the middle is Zachary (“Zachy,” age 10), Dad, Joseph (“Jo-Jo,” age 5), and Michael (“Miggy,” age 4) held by Mom; then myself, Tyler (“Ty,” age 12), and Mariana (“Nina,” age 2).

It's been a long time since we've posted anything new on our Storytime Blog and we think it's high time that we update you all on the latest family farming news. Some of you remember our early years of simplicity and innocence, but we have all grown up since those wonder years and want to share a family update of what we're all doing now...

Fourteen years doesn’t seem like that long in the grand scope of things, but a lot has happened since then, including an expansion of the farming business, kids going to college and graduating, the discovery of a long lost sibling, weddings, grandkids, and the death of our mom (Alicia). Losing her was the most difficult thing that has ever happened to us and it is only because of our faith and love for each other that we’ve made it to where we are now…


Tyler Zeiter at age ten camping in the Redwoods, Northern, California with her family.          Tyler Zeiter and Charles Straight at their engagement photo shoot in Little Italy, San Diego, California.

Ty (24 years old) graduated from John Paul the Great University with a Bachelor’s in Philosophy and Theology. One week after graduation, she married her childhood friend Charles Straight and they live together in Sacramento. They are expecting their first baby in June and naming her “Alicia,” in loving memory of mom.


Zach Zeiter at age nine chopping firewood while camping with his family in the Redwoods of Northern California.          Zachary Zeiter and Cecilia Kerekes at the beach in Santa Paula California with their classmates from Thomas Aquinas College.

Zach (23 years old) is a huge reason why Family Friendly Farms look like a beautiful park. He took off in 2017 to Thomas Aquinas College where he met his wife, Cecilia. Zach and Cecilia live in Stockton, CA with their newborn baby girl where he runs the IT department for Zeiter Eye.


Christia Zeiter at age seven laughingly pretending to throw a rock at the photographer while on a camping trip with her family in the Redwoods of Northern California.          Christia Zeiter at age twenty-one in a restaurant in Tokyo, Japan where she has been teaching English. Smiling, dark-haired girl in a Japanese restaurant.

Tia (21 years old) is a go-getter and graduated high school two years early (let’s go homeschooling!). She attended the University of California San Diego and graduated, summa cum laude with a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations with a focus on Political Science! She’s currently living in Tokyo for this year while teaching English at a high school there. 


Alisandra Zeiter at age five with curly hair and a smile holding wildflowers from Our Lady's Ranch.          Alisandra Zeiter at age twenty smiling at the camera with her camera at Our Lady's Ranch.

Ali (20 years old) is the only Zeiter kid still at home (although she’s rarely home now) running around with a full schedule of pre-nursing at community college, while pursuing her passion for photography and performing in aerial dance. It’s so interesting to hear about her latest classes, detailing the complexity of anatomy or the emotional stages of childhood development.


Joseph Zeiter at age four grinning and hugging the foot of the cross at Our Lady's Ranch in Northern, California.          Joseph Zeiter at age eighteen years old grinning at the camera with the Idaho wilderness in the background.

Jo (is 18 years old) attended a three month long survival camp last year in Idaho where he was the star of the show (it’s really not fair to throw a ranch kid into the mix in camps like that). This year he’s attending college in Utah with technology courses to pursue a career in software engineering.


Michael Zeiter at age three laughing at the camera and holding his t-ball baseball gear in his family home at Our Lady's Ranch in Grass Valley, CA.          Michael Zeiter at age sixteen pitching baseball for his school, Villanova, in the green fields of Ojai, California.

Michael (16 years old) has always been incredibly energetic and social and began attending Villanova Preparatory School in January of this year. At this new school he has all the opportunities he wants to pursue new adventures and sports — like baseball.


Mariana Zeiter at age two in a pretty dress and eating a tomato out of the family garden, Family Friendly Farms at Our Lady's Ranch in Grass Valley, California.          Mariana Zeiter at age fourteen in a rust-colored bridesmaid gown cuddling a white kitten at Our Lady's Ranch in Grass Valley, CA.

Nina (15 years old) definitely wasn’t going to be left at home when Michael took off to school, so she went to Villanova boarding school just one month later. There, she enjoys art (her supplies took up most of the room in her suitcases when she left) and running for the track team!


Eric and Amanda Hallin with their two children in a classic family portrait with a lake in the background.

In 2018 we found Phil's unknown long-lost son Eric Hallin. Although over ten years older than Ty, it's been awesome for the rest of the seven Zeiter kids to get to know him and their new sister-in-law and nephew and niece. They live in Paso Robles where Eric helps many people with financial planning and advisory services.


Philip Zeiter & Karen Marmol. Middle-aged couple in smiling in front of a waterfall in Honduras.          Philip Zeiter and Karen Marmol. Middle-aged couple in Lake Tahoe taking a smiling selfie.

Last year God brought Karen into our life through his providential kindness to Dad. Although she lives in Honduras, they see each other at least once a month and have traveled the western hemisphere with a renewed youthful enthusiasm.

And that's a wrap!

Our family has changed much over the years and the Zeiter kids are all discovering their own paths... Meanwhile, God has been leading others to live and work at Our Lady’s Ranch and we’re looking forward to introducing our new farmers to you soon!


Blessings and Peace to you,

The Zeiter Family

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