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Barbecue Time!

Barbecue Time!

Now that we're starting an all new barbecuing season, we thought you might want to review some GRASS-FED BEEF Barbecuing Tips...

For some silly reason, it has become fashionable for conventional chefs to recommend searing the meat first, then moving over to medium temperature. The justification of this practice comes from the idea of "sealing" in fatty juices, which sounds appealing, but really doesn't help the tenderness of the meat. We have spoken with several "Celebrity Chefs" about how they receive their best BBQ results, and they have clearly, painfully explained... "Oh no, Don't Sear First."


We get so relieved and express, "Well that's what we've been saying for years. How come others are telling people to sear it first?" And then these professional chefs tell us, "Because everyone's in a hurry and it's what they want to hear." 

We have completed many barbecue tests over the last ten years using lean steaks that have been cut from the same loin (next to each other). We have barbecued them side by side on the same grill, searing one first, while slow cooking the other. And every time we have conducted this test, the slow cooked meat comes out more tender and more tasty. So for your barbecuing enjoyment, we're providing you the following proven method of how to get the best barbecue results with our 100% Grass-Fed and Grass-Finished, All-Natural, Healthy Beef... 

STEP 1: Thaw out beef in vacuum-sealed package, then remove from package and rinse with room-temperature water and place beef on platter or in marinading zip-lock until grilling time.

STEP 2: Let the beef come to room temperature before placing on grill.

STEP 3: With gas barbecue, set to low temperature and cover lid to warm up grill. Clean off grilling surface, then place meat first on the lowest temperature of the grill and close the lid so the meat will basically just warm up during the first ten minutes of grill time. (For charcoal grilling, start coals on one side and place beef on the other.)

STEP 4: Open lid and move beef onto a warmer part of the grill (now over low flames) for about five minutes per side, depending on grill temperature and thickness of meat.

STEP 5: If this is your first or second time trying this method, then cut a small sample of beef right on the grill to check how it's doing - and try it. By the way, sometimes we never make it back in the house with any meat left.


STEP 6 - ADVANCED GRILLING: Sear at the end - just make sure not to overcook it. That's why we have you stop at Step 5 for the first few times. As long as the beef is still rare (almost raw) - once it has come up to temperature, you can sear it at the end to get the outside crispy without compromising its tenderness.

STEP 7 - Get as many happy people as possible all around you to enjoy your Grass-Fed Beef feast... YAY!!!


For more cooking suggestions, and some family friendly farms' recipes, you're welcome to click on this link of our website:

We sure appreciate all of your support and encouragement over the years, so we hope these barbecuing tips will help you to continue enjoying our Family Friendly Farms all-natural, pasture-raised meats for years to come.

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