For all of our valued customers in the greater Bay Area, the Sacramento region, and the San Joaquin Valley… We are changing our home delivery schedule from every Tuesday to every Saturday!
Bringing Home the Bacon

Bringing Home the Bacon

Hi Everyone - 

We just thought that ya'll might be interested in how we handle your meat upon receiving it from our butchers.

Well, like most activities around here, it's a family affair...

Everyone helps unload boxes of meat from our delivery van. 
Christie is in charge of inventory and she really takes charge. 
Ali does tons of packing around here... service with a smile :)
Even the littles ones around here do more than their fair share.
Fifteen Freezers hold up to five thousand pounds of meat for us.

We're happy to serve you these All-Natural, Pasture-Raised, Healthy-Meats, and we really enjoy our friendships with each of you.

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