How to Fell A Tree

How to Fell A Tree

First, gather together as many cute kids as you can find.

Second, cut the base of the tree without showing the kids, so they can think you're the strongest dad in the whole world.

Third, eat your Wheaties.

Fourth, grit your teeth and push as hard as you can.


Fifth, everyone play around on the organic jungle-gym for a little while. 


Sixth, make sure to have at least one big kid to help with the heavy lifting.


Seventh, get some cool man-toys around for photographic props... Well, they also help when it comes to transporting the logs back down the hill. 


Eighth, include the kids in everything you do... and pay them for their work in praise, thankfulness, and a little cash to boot.


Ninth, enjoy the fruits of your labor with some special family time, and... 

Tenth, remember to thank God for His incredible generosity toward each of His wonderful creations, especially the ones closest to you.

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