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Moving The Turkeys

Moving The Turkeys

This week at Our Lady's Ranch we started preparing for Thanksgiving by moving some turkeys from their small starter home to their new grand estate...

Turkey Coop

We recently completed their new mobile coop (notice the wheels) in order to move them from pasture to pasture, naturally fertilizing the grass to keep it healthy for them and the other grazing animals. 

Next, we moved the turkeys from their brooder to the new coop. Mikee (on the left) and Jo-Jo (on the right) coordinated the effort! 

Then came the big move! With Jo-Jo on the tractor, we carefully transported the turkeys over the creek to their new home. 

We placed the coop in a luscious green pasture right next to another mobile coop of turkeys who began this transition a few months ago. Growing several ages of turkeys yields a variety of sizes for you to choose from. (If you look at the photo real close, you can see some of our pigs in the background coming to say 'hi' to their new neighbors!)

The turkeys will spend the next several months foraging on this pasture and basking in the California sunshine. 

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