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10 lb Beef Suet Pack

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Description: Beef Suet and Beef Tallow both come from the same source, but tallow is the rendered fat while suet is the raw fat found around the kidneys. It is great for frying and cooking as it has a high smoke point and imparts a rich, beefy flavor to dishes. Using suet in cooking can add depth and complexity to dishes and is a great alternative to other cooking fats. Beyond cooking, beef tallow also has excellent skin care benefits due to its moisturizing properties and anti-inflammatory effects. It can be used as a natural skin moisturizer, promoting healthy skin and reducing inflammation. With its versatile uses and numerous health benefits, beef tallow is a great addition to any kitchen or skincare routine

Cooking Suggestions: Beef Tallow made from the Beef Suet is a nutrient dense, easy to work with Fat often used for making lotions or moisturizers and soaps. It is also a great cooking choice, and the preferred Fat for making dishes such as Pemmican. Learn how to refine beef tallow by clicking here.

Details: Grass-fed, grass-finished Beef Suet Fat. No added hormones, no antibiotics, no chemical fertilizer, and no pesticides. No GMOs, no corn, and no soy. Product is the un-rendered raw Suet Fat and will arrive frozen. 2-3 packs, 10 lbs total.

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