10 lb Beef Suet Pack

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Description: Beef tallow and beef suet both come from the same source, but tallow is the rendered fat while suet is the raw fat found around the kidneys. Suet is useful for making traditional British dishes like Christmas pudding and mincemeat as well as for making suet dumplings. It is also great for frying and cooking as it has a high smoke point and imparts a rich, beefy flavor to dishes. Using suet in cooking can add depth and complexity to dishes and is a great alternative to other cooking fats.

Cooking Suggestions: Beef suet is typically used for traditional British dishes and for making suet dumplings. It's also great for frying and cooking due to its rich, beefy flavor and high smoke point. Beef tallow, on the other hand, is often used as a cooking fat and for making candles, soaps, and other products.

Details: Grass-fed, grass-finished beef. No added hormones, no antibiotics, no chemical fertilizer, and no pesticides. No GMOs, no corn, and no soy. Product arrives frozen. 2-5 packs, 10 lbs total.

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