Healthy Meat Buyer's Club Memberships

Join our Healthy Meat Buyer's Club to enjoy the closest relationship with all of us at Family Friendly Farms.

Bronze Club Membership (Free)

~ Issued upon signing up for our Newsletter

~ Receive Membership Newsletters with the latest:

- Weekly Online Store Healthy Meat Specials
- Farm Activities and Upcoming Events
- Easy Step Healthy Meat Recipes


Silver Club Membership ($60)

~ Three Free Home Deliveries within California

 ~ First Choice on all limited Cuts including:

- Beef Tri-Tips, Flank Steaks, and Skirt Steaks
- Pork Ribs, Tenderloins, and Natural Bacon
- Lamb Loin Chops and French Racks
- Holiday Turkeys and Hams

~ Guided Farm Tours at Our Lady’s Ranch

~ All the benefits of the Bronze Club Membership 

        Gold Club Membership ($120)

        ~ Six Free Home Deliveries within California

        ~ Custom Ordering Options – Free of Charge

        - Beef Standing Rib Roasts
        - Pork Smoked Hams Cut to Size
        - Lamb Roasters for Special Events

        ~ Private Group Farm Tours - Preferred Scheduling

        - Bring your family, friends, and/or associates

        ~ All the benefits of the Silver & Bronze Club Memberships

        Please purchase your membership separately and prior to ordering any meat. As a member, you will receive a unique Discount Code to use for all future orders.     

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