Healthy Meat Buyer's Club - 1 year Membership

Join our Healthy Meat Buyer's Club to enjoy the closest relationship with all of us at Family Friendly Farms. There are four levels of Club Membership. 

Please purchase your membership separately and prior to ordering any meat. As a member, you will receive a unique Discount Code to use for all future orders.     


Bronze Club Membership ($19)

~ Exclusive Access to Special Discounts

~ Receive Regular Newsletter with the latest:

- Online Store Coupons for Special Pricing
- Farm Activities and Upcoming Events
- Easy Step Healthy Meat Recipes


Silver Club Membership ($49)

~ FREE WEEKLY DELIVERY to Neighborhood Pickup Locations

~ First Choice on all limited Cuts including:

- Beef Tri-Tips, Flank Steaks, and Skirt Steaks
- Pork Ribs, Tenderloins, and Natural Bacon
- Lamb Loin Chops and French Racks
- Holiday Turkeys and Hams

~ Private Group Farm Tours – Preferred Scheduling

- Bring your family, friends, and/or associates

~ Guided Farm Tours at Our Lady’s Ranch

~ All the benefits of a Bronze Club Membership 

        Gold Club Membership ($99)

        ~ FREE HOME DELIVERY* within California 

        ~ Custom Ordering Options – Free of Charge

        - Beef Standing Rib Roasts
        - Pork Smoked Hams Cut to Size
        - Lamb Roasters for Special Events

        ~ All the benefits of a Silver Club Membership

        *Includes 12 Free Home Deliveries (any size order)

        Host Family Benefits (No Charge)

        ~ Free Gold Club Membership

        ~ Ambassador Communications and Favors

        ~ Overnight Accommodations on Farm Visits

          If you would like to be a Host Family in your Neighborhood, click HERE

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