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Full English Breakfast Recipe

Full English Breakfast Recipe

FFF Bacon
FFF Ham Slices/Ham Steaks
FFF Country/Italian Sausage
Cubed Potatoes or Hash Browns
Your favorite seasoning salt

Cherry Tomatoes
Black Pudding

1. We like to cook everything in one pan, so grab your biggest skillet/pan, and start cooking the meat!
2. We usually start with the Ham, then the Sausage, then finish with your Bacon (Setting aside each once they are finished cooking).
3. In the same skillet/pan, cook your Potatoes (either hash browns or cubed potatoes) in the Bacon grease, and cook till done, seasoning liberally. Then set aside.
4. Optionally, start your mushrooms in the same pan, and cook till soft, then add in the cherry tomatoes to roast in the pan and cook your black pudding.
5. Add a little more oil to your pan, then add in your eggs. While those are cooking, add your beans to a pot to cook and start your toast.
6. While the eggs are cooking, add back in the rest of the meat and potatoes to the pan and let everything warm up as the eggs are cooking.
7. Plate up your breakfast meats, eggs, potatoes, toast, beans and veggies, season again with salt and pepper and Enjoy!

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