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We Got A Milking Cow!

We Got A Milking Cow!

We’ve had a lot of different animals here at Our Lady’s Ranch, including cows, pigs, sheep, chickens, turkeys, goats, donkeys, llamas, horses, and milking cows! The sheep gave us the worst experiences we’ve ever had with animals. I can’t remember how many countless hours we spent running around in the rain trying to herd them in so they didn’t wander off and drown or find some other ridiculous way to disappear (we finally began to understand Jesus’ comparisons between us and sheep after we had worked with them for so long 😅).
Joseph Zeiter sheering the sheep at Family Friendly Farms
The dairy cows were always the best experience. Not only did we get fresh milk but we also made butter from the cream, oatmeal blueberry pancakes with the leftover buttermilk, crockpot yogurt, and even mozzarella cheese. It was so much fun to experiment with dairy products, and the end results were always so good. Tia and Ali (numbers 3 and 4 in the Zeiter line-up) were always the ones in charge of the milking, feeding, and doctoring of the three different milking cows over the years: Lady (pictured below), Crystal, and Daisy.

Two young girls smiling with a brown milking cow and her calf at Family Friendly Farms at Our Lady's Ranch in Grass Valley, CAIt’s been a while since we had Daisy (unfortunately we don’t have any photos of her! 😭) and recently our new farmers on the homestead have been wanting to have a dairy cow here again. After some discussion and research it happened! So let me introduce the new addition to Our Lady’s Ranch… two-year-old Daisy the Jersey milking cow.

Little kids with a jersey milking cow at the Oregon House in CA.

The White family, along with Isaiah and Stevenson, picked the name Daisy without everyone knowing that we had a milking cow with the same name before! It was quite the fun conversation and I just simply laughed when they introduced her to me. “She just looked like a Daisy,” Isaiah said, “so we went with it.” It’s pretty providential, honestly — great minds think alike!

Young family viewing a milking cow in a barn at the Oregon House in California.

We got our new little Daisy from Oregon House, a residential community here in the area. Everyone had so much fun talking with Farmer Chris, watching a milking demonstration, playing with a newborn calf, and enjoying the beautiful scenery. While Daisy is still young, we can’t wait for her to calf so that we can have fresh milk here again! Fresh butter… fresh buttermilk blueberry pancakes… 😋

A view of the pond at the Oregon House in California.

Have you ever made your own bread and spread fresh butter over it while it was still hot from the oven? There is nothing like it!

If you ever come to visit us in person at the farm, then you’ll get to meet Daisy yourself and maybe even try some of the milk too! In the meantime we’ll keep you posted on her progress and hopefully we’ll have pictures of a baby calf to share soon. 😉

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