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BBQ Burger Recipe

BBQ Burger Recipe

2 Packs FFF Ground Beef
Montreal Steak Seasoning
Any of your favorite seasonings

1. Defrost your Ground Beef.
2. Add the Ground Beef to a bowl, and mix in your spices. Keep it simple so you can taste the flavor!
3. Form into patties and get ready for the grill. (Form the patties to be somewhat large and thin so it shrinks to the size of your buns). Place in the fridge for about an hour to let the patties firm up.
4. While your Patties are chilling, prepare your toppings and sides.
5. Turn on your grill, and put the chilled patties on the grill.
6. Let them cook for about 5 minutes, then flip. (The time will change depending on how hot your grill is. Make sure the bottom is cooked before you flip so the patties stay together).
7. When finished, remove from heat and add your buns to toast.
8. Assemble your burgers and toppings, and Enjoy!

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