Christmas Roast Recipe

Christmas Roast Recipe


*Amounts vary on roast size

Red Wine (Cabernet Sauvignon)

Olive Oil


Sea Salt

Black Pepper

Fresh Rosemary

Stick of Salted Butter


1. Begin with Roast at room temperature.

2. Place Roast in a deep pan & pour Red Wine over the top, leaving plenty in the pan for moisture.

3. Pour a liberal amount of Olive Oil over the top of the Roast, also leaving extra in the pan for more moisture.

4. Crush Garlic, Salt, Pepper, and Rosemary into a fine mixture, then rub into meat.

5. Cover the top of the Roast and pan with aluminum foil.

6. Preheat oven to 250 degrees. Place Roast in lowest rack. Set a timer for 1 hour for every 3 lbs of meat.

7. Once the timer is up, switch the oven to broil, remove the aluminum foil, & leave in for 30 minutes (or your preference) to finish.

***For you professionals, check the internal temperature as needed.

8. Take the Roast out of the oven, recover in foil, let rest 10 minutes.

9. Slice & enjoy!

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